Til poli: try this authentic sesame flatbread

Til poli: try this authentic seasame flatbread

Here's a signature Udupi recipe that you can try out. 'Ellu holige' or 'til poli' translates to seasame flatbread. It is a variant of 'puran poli' and scores high on both nutrition and taste.


For the outer layer

1 cup semolina/rava

1/4 cup maida

A pinch of turmeric powder

2 tsp ghee

A pinch of salt

Water as required

For the filling

3/4 cup sesame/ellu

3/4 cup jaggery

1/2 cup coconut

A pinch of cardamom


Take all the ingredients for the outer layer and knead them into a soft dough

Keep it aside covered with damp cloth

For the filling, dry roast the sesame and grind into a fine powder

Melt the jaggery and add grated coconut to make a paste

Add the sesame powder to the coconut-jaggery mix

Combine everything well

Make small balls.

Putting the poli together

Divide the dough for the outer layer into equal-sized balls

Stuff this with the filling and flatten them using a rolling pin to make round roti-like cakes

Cook on a hot tawa till both sides are done

Sprinkle ghee or oil.