Agra petha


Malayalis travelling to Delhi are often charmed by the Agra petha. However, not many know that ash gourd, which is abundantly available in Kerala, is the main ingredient of the sweet. Though we love delicious curries made with ash gourd, we don't usually try out unique dishes with it. So here is the special recipe of the tasty Agra peda.


½ kg ash gourd
400 gm sugar
½ tsp slaked lime
3 cardamom pods


Peel the ash gourd and cut into large pieces. There shouldn't be any green color of the peel on the ash gourd pieces
Poke the ash gourd pieces with a fork
Mix the slaked lime in half litre of water and soak the ash gourd in it for at least 12 hours
The ash gourd gets a prominent white hue when soaked in slake lime water. It also gets firmer
Wash the ash gourd pieces well to get rid of slake lime and then cook it in half litre of water
When the ash gourds are cooked well and turn soft, transfer it into sugar syrup
Cardamom should be added in the sugar syrup and the ash gourd will soak up this flavour
Add saffron or food colour if you prefer coloured peda
Soak the ash gourd in the sugar syrup for at least 3-4 hours
Scoop out the ash gourd and allow it turn firm before enjoying it.