Banana wine in just 10 days by Lekshmi Nair

Banana wine in just 10 days by Lekshmi Nair | Shutterstock

Culinary expert Lekshmi Nair, in the latest episode of her popular cooking vlog, shows an interesting recipe of banana (palayamkodan) wine that could be easily made in just 10 days.


10 bananas (ripe palayamkodan)

1 kg sugar

1 tsp yeast

1 litre boiled and cooled water


Cut the ripe palayamkodan bananas into small pieces

Into an earthen jar, add sugar first

Then put half of the banana pieces

Repeat the layers

Save 1 cup sugar for later

Now add the yeast

Pour in the boiled and cooled water

Give everything a good mix using a wooden spoon or ladle

Seal the mouth of the jar using a piece of clean cotton cloth

On alternate days, stir the mixture for at least 5 minutes

After ten days, open the seal and scoop out some banana pieces using a wooden spoon

Spread a clean cotton cloth over the sieve

Pass the wine through this sieve in small batches

Squeeze it well to extract the wine

Make golden brown sugar syrup using the 1 cup sugar

Do not stir the sugar while the syrup is being made; just shake the pan to mix it well

Use a wooden spoon to stir the melted sugar

Meanwhile, boil 1 cup water in another vessel

After the sugar has dissolved well, add the boiled water into it

Boil this mixture again and keep stirring

After this syrup has boiled well, turn off the flame

Allow it to cool down and get thickened up a bit

Now add this caramel syrup into the wine

Mix well

Pass the wine through a sieve one more time

Store the wine in clean and dry glass bottles.