Coconut Chandrakala

Coconut Chandrakala

It is a sweet with coconut filling! Enough said. All those who love the coconut in any form would take grab at it! Try this wonderful dessert that welcomes Deepavali every season.


For the dough

3tbsp ghee (vanaspati)
½ kg refined wheat flour (maida)
Cardamom powder, a pinch
Baking powder, a pinch

For the filling

1 cup coconut, grated
Cardamom powder, a pinch
Cinnamon powder, a pinch
1tbsp sugar
1tbsp cashew nuts (crushed)
1tbsp dry raisins (chopped fine)
Oil, to fry
Sugar, to prepare syrup


Melt the ghee and add the refined wheat flour (maida), cardamom powder and baking powder to it. Knead it all into a thick dough, as is done for chapattis, and keep it aside for ten minutes.
Mix the grated coconut, cardamom powder, cinnamon powder, sugar, cashew nuts and chopped dry raisins and keep aside. This is the filling.
Roll out the prepared dough into circles, as is done to make pooris.
Place a little of the prepared filling on one side of the circle, and fold it to make a semi-circle.
Seal the edges together.
When the oil is very hot, drop in the prepared semi-circles and fry them on a low flame till golden brown. Drain the oil.
Soak the fried pieces for a short while in thick sugar syrup.
Remove and serve hot.