Yamaha's super scooter will be the most expensive in India

Yamaha's super scooter will be the most expensive in India

Yamaha is all set to rev up a super scooter. The Japanese automobile manufacturer has christened its new powerful scooter N Max. The maxi scooter will flaunt a 155 cc liquid cooled engine borrowed from high-performance motorcycle R15.

Yamaha is expected to give the 125 cc scooter segment a miss once it goes ahead with the 155 cc scooter, unlike Hero Motor Corp that recently launched a 125 cc gear-less scooter named Destiny.

Being a maxi scooter, N Max will slug it out with Suzuki's Burgman. N Max, however, is powered by a 155 cc engine, while Burgman carries a more conventional 125 cc engine.

The four-valve engine can drum up 14.8 ps power and 14.4 Nm torque. With the peculiarities of the Indian market in view, Yamaha may be ready to compromise on power and re-tune the engine.

N Max will also have LED lights, a large windscreen, digital instrument console, divided floorboard, long step-up seat. The scooter will have disc breaks on both tyres as well as an anti-lock break system to comply with government regulations.

Yamaha is yet to put out any indication about the prize of N Max. Some estimates put the prize at around Rs 1 lakh, considering the engine capacity and the promised features. N Max sells for around Rs 1.5 lakh in the Philippines.

Yamaha may try to keep the prize lower in India by opting for more locally made components and doing away some of the features. Still it is expected to be the costliest scooter in India.