MG electric SUV launch this year; 428 km in a single charge

MG electric SUV launch this year; 428 km in a single charge

After launching MG Hector SUV, MG Motors is planning to introduce its all-electric SUV in India. Based on its eZS SUV, the second vehicle from the MG Motors stable will be eZS.

It was introduced at an auto show in China last year. The electric SUV will have the same design of the eZS SUV that is currently sold in China.

After the launch of Hector, the electric SUV could be introduced by the end of this year itself. A 150 bhp engine will power the vehicle. From zero, the vehicle can reach 50 km in 3.1 seconds. Besides, in a single charge it could cover 335 km; if you drive the vehicle at 60 kmph, you could stretch it to 428 km.

The vehicle is also equipped with fast charging technology which enables 80% charging in just half an hour. In order to keep the price under check, the company plans to import parts and assemble them here. The car will be assembled at the GM Halol plant it had taken over from General Motors.

The vehicles are being built by engineers from the UK, China and India. Initially, the company plans to bring out 80,000 vehicles a year and later increase it to two lakh. MG Motor India is owned by leading Chinese car maker SAIC Motor Corporation.