Ameo gets an automatic diesel engine

Ameo gets an automatic diesel engine

The Volkswagen Ameo that comes with the famed seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox and a mileage of 22 km per litre of diesel has been launched at Rs 9.99 lakh. Here is a compact sedan that combines power and practicality in equal measure.

Different automatics: There are different types of automatic transmissions. Everything from the lowly automatic manual transmission to the dual-clutch system seen in luxury cars come under the automatic transmissions category. The best among the lot is the dual-clutch DSG system.

Ameo gets an automatic diesel engine

Dual clutch: The gear changes are the smoothest in dual-clutch system. Practically, it is a combination of two clutches. While one clutch is engaged the other is ready to move to the next gear. This means it allows for gear changes to happen without disconnecting the engine from the transmission and interrupting power flow. It is so smooth that you wouldn't even know if the vehicle has changed gears. With no interruptions in traction, the driver feels more control especially traversing through high traffic.

Though only luxury cars used to have such systems, Volkswagen changed the norms for the auto industry. Polo GTI, TSI petrol and Ameo have DSG automatic transmissions. Among these, only Ameo gets a diesel DSG.

Ameo gets an automatic diesel engine

Sedan: Ameo is the compact sedan version of Polo. Since it measures less than four metres, it gets tax benefits too, that results in a lower a price tag. Ameo is unmistakeably Polo in looks; the only changes being the new bumpers and the boot.

Inside story: Though there are no changes for the dashboard, Ameo gets a new and sporty steering that is usually seen in costlier Volkswagens. The Highline variant gets climate control and a dash-integrated stereo. It also has steering-mounted audio and other controls, besides electronic wing mirrors. The glove box has enough space for storage. The legroom is decent, while the 330-litre boot is sufficient for your weekend travel luggage. Storage spaces inside the cabin are also pretty decent.

Ameo gets an automatic diesel engine

Engine: The 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine generates 110 ps power at 4,000 rpm and 250 Nm torque at 1,500 rpm. The engine is mated to the technologically advanced new-generation seven-speed DQ 200 gearbox.

Mileage: The engine has been tuned for maximum mileage. The powerband is linear all the way and has enough torque that aids effortless driving. New tech in the vehicle includes hill hold and electronic stability programme.

Safety: ABS and airbag are standard for all models. Ameo has good stability and inspires confidence even at high speeds. Ride quality is excellent.

Ameo gets an automatic diesel engine

Driving: The seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox does a commendable job so much so that you do not have to worry about driving at all. Just get in, start the vehicle and slot the gearbox into drive mode and zoom ahead. With no unwanted jerks or lags, the driver can enjoy all the advantages of the DSG that makes driving easy, stress-free and fun.

Butter smooth: The DSG creates a dynamic driving experience that allows gear changes to be executed without any reduction in traction and provides unbroken acceleration. You will never feel that power is lacking nor that the manual gearbox is better. Since the transition happens in split-seconds, it’s hardly noticeable and driving never becomes taxing. If you choose the sporty mode, it gives you enough thrust to zoom like a sports car. It also has the facility to manually shift gears, which could help in overtaking.

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