Prithviraj's mom needn't be rescued in a vessel this time!


Mallika Sukumaran, yesteryear actress and mother of Malayalam actor Prithviraj, had hit the headlines during last year's floods in Kerala as her photo of being rescued in a vessel became viral. 

In an interview to a daily the other day, Mallika recalled her ordeal last year. She also said that she is safer today unlike last August as Prithviraj had given timely alert as he was scared in the wake of the latest bout of floods.

“Prithvi rang me up the day the downpour began and asked me to shift to a safer place especially as the Neyyar and Aruvikkara dams have been opened. He also warned that else I might have to be carried away in a vessel like last year,” she said.

Last year when the picture of her rescue was trending on the internet, she was savagely trolled too.

However the actress had no complaints and, instead, stated she had only love and gratitude for those who enquired about her well being. She had also remarked it was a mistake to sit in a huge vessel to cover the street which was just only a few meters long. She had reasoned that she couldn’t walk through the muddy waters in front of her house and had only attempted the same rescue method of her neighbour. However, someone took her photograph and posted it on social media.

Mallika currently stays in a better house, named ‘Prarthana’, at Kundamanbagam near Pangod in Thiruvananthapuram.