Meet YouTube's 5 earning wonderkids

Meet 5 kid YouTubers earning lakhs from their videos
Anantya Anand, Kutty Thennal and Aislin

It's Children's Day and it's time for grown ups to cherish the day for the little ones. Just like adults, did you ever realize that kids can earn money online too? Earning some money on the internet has become so common that almost anyone irrespective of age can be an earning member. It is said that if your channel gets 1,00,000 views then, you will earn a basic amount of $250. 

And well yes, today we list a few smart kids who have joined the earn-money-online entrepreneurship at a young age.

Here goes our list of five such Youtubers:

1. My Miss Anand

4.83M subscribers

Age: 10 year old

This is by far the most popular YouTube channel and we couldn't afford to list this on top. Anantya Anand is the youngest among five women and four men - all cousins - who make YouTube videos for a living. From volg features including getting ready for school to attending a friend’s birthday party and toy's collection and hairstyle tips, her channel is owned & managed by ShrutiArjunAnand Digital Media Pvt. Ltd.

2. TP's Tech

37.7K subscribers

Age: 10 and 12 year olds

Adil Harshad TP and Infar TP are the two brothers from Malappuram. Their videos carry crafts, cooking and beauty tips and Adil is main VJ.

3. Mazi Shakir

33.7K subscribers

Age: 4 year old

The LKG student Mazi Shakir is from Kannur and his videos feature his daily routines and activities. Though the videos revolves around him, the narration is by his father who owns another Youtube channel Mallu Traveler. His channel features videos from reading out a love letter to talking about his favourite toys.

4. Kids Happiness

28.9K subscribers

Age: 9, 11 and 14 year olds

Here are three sisters Aislin, Angelin and Aireen from Kochi and it's their mother who manages their channel and pages. The mother gives the three girls different activities and the kids try it out. Videos related to art, craft, cooking, DIY's form their major playlist.

5. Malayalis Tech

6.5K subscribers

Age: 14 year old

The 9th standard student from Wayanad Shahal TA is a vlogger, photgrapher and editor. His videos comprise mostly of gadget reviews and Rubik's cube tips.


Kutty Thennal


Age: 5 year old

Though we have already listed 5 top Youtubers, we cannot afford to miss Tik Tok star Kutty Thennal who has amused us with her cute expressions and perfect dialogue delivery. After her Tik Tok videos went viral on social media, she was roped in for upcoming Tovino-starrer Forensic.

Well, is there anything that kids can't do!