With masks and face shields, this is the 'post-epidemic' reality of Indian TV shows

It seems like the world will now be divided into two era – the pre-epidemic and post-epidemic as everything has changed because of COVID-19. Though it's hard to accept, masks and sanitizers have turned out to be part of our daily lives and lifestyle.

Like in every field, showbiz is also adapting to this change. And the new reality of Indian TV shows is too hilarious. The coronavirus pandemic had brought the daily shooting of TV shows to a halt in March. It was just a few days ago that some of the actors started shooting for fresh episodes, after Maharashtra government gave the green signal a while back.

The latest scenes on TV shows has characters taking off their mask in slow-mo.

There was another scene where the characters were seen 'romanticizing hygiene' as netizens put it up with screenshots.

Well, this seems to be the new normal on TV shows.