Kozhipporu review: This hen story gives audience a goose egg

Interval report | 'Kozhipporu': Family feud in a rustic backdrop

Kozhipporu, the directorial debut of Jinoy Jibit duo, has a very simple story, which is portrayed in a straightforward  manner. But the filmmakers have stretched it too long.

The plot, centred around two neighborhood families and a hen, is too short for a full-length feature film. 

The film has a bunch of fresh faces as actors, including the directors, and they all have the boy-next-door looks.

However, the situations they encounter or the way they face them do not have the strength to keep the audience hooked. 

The attempt to impress through situational comedy scenes falls flat.

The characters and the narrative seem to imitate the blockbuster Angamaly Diaries, though the film reaches nowhere near the Lijo Jose flick in terms of style and substance.  

Indrans is the biggest star in the film but he has very little to perform as the calm and quiet George, the hero's father. 

As Mary and Beena, Pauly Wilson and Jolly Chirayath do well, making their combo scenes funny and lively. 

Kettyolanu... fame Veena Nandakumar's character too has less screen presence though the focus shifts to her in the second half.  

Bijibal's songs in a folk frame with rustic rhythms are an exception in the film wherein inexperience of the makers is evident throughout.