Lakshmi wants to finish Balu's half-done works

Musician Balabhaskar's wife Lakshmi who is recovering from the accident that took away the life of her husband and daughter wishes to complete his half-done works.

Sources close to Lakshmi said that she was staying at the house that Balabhaskar had built for her recently. Currently, Laskhmi's mother and a nurse have been attending to her ever since she got discharged from the hospital.

The 40-year-old violinist passed away on October 2 after succumbing to the injuries he suffered in a road accident earlier. His two-year-old daughter Thejaswini Bala also died in the car crash. Lakshmi and car driver Arjun had suffered serious injuries.

The sources said that Lakshmi is yet to fully recover from the trauma. She often suffered memory lapses. However, Lakshmi reportedly told her friends that she wanted to complete some of Balabhaskar’s projects and release a few of his latest and music albums which were incomplete when he passed away.

Recently, Balabhaskar's father CK Unni registered a complaint with police seeking a detailed probe into his son's death. He had reportedly consulted Lakshmi and filed the complaint with her consent.