This designer gown made with newspaper is grabbing eyeballs

This designer gown made with newspaper is grabbing eyeballs

Stacks of old newspapers, often thrown in the dingy corners in households, wait to be either sold to the rag pickers or be burnt along with waste materials. At hotels and shops, food parcels or other items are neatly wrapped in sheets of newspapers before giving it to the customers. However, these newspapers are sure to get stunning makeovers when an artist or creative person lay their hands on it.

The members of the DP style hub have created an amazing gown using sheets of newspapers that are usually thrown away after reading it. They have created it as part of a campaign to project the importance of using those materials which could be recycled or decomposed into the soil. Five kilos of newspaper sheets were used to make this chic and modern gown. The team had worked hard to design the stunning gown and collect the materials that were required to make the gown. It, however, took only a day for the members of the style hub to make the newspaper gown.

This designer gown made with newspaper is grabbing eyeballs

The newspaper gown has all the stylish elements that are seen in a modern designer gown. The unique design at the neck is the heaviest part of the gown. The ruffled skirt of the gown is made by pinning on paper, folded in cone shapes. Every layer of paper cones is attached to the one above it. The designer clothes featured on fashion runways aren’t usually reusable. The designers the DO Style Hub and Kalki The Evolution has proved that such exclusive outfits could be designed using materials like newspaper as well.

The DP Style Hub is headed by Arun Dev who works as the creative head of a company at Techno Park. It was Geethu, a member of the DP Style Hub, who came up with the unique idea of creating a stylish gown using newspaper.

This designer gown made with newspaper is grabbing eyeballs

“Usually, we concentrate on our activities when we get free time. However, every one found time to come forward to create this gown. None of us are fashion designers here. However, everything fell into place when all of us stood together,” said Arun Dev. Actress – dancer Nayana has donned the fashionable outfit for the photo shoot. The makeover was done by Sudev Rudra.

The DP Style Hub aims to introduce a series which features materials that are usually thrown away after usage. This is how they pledge their commitment to create a more sustainable environment. The group focuses on creating attractive things using plastic to give a message against the it.

Geethu Srishti, Arvind Lal, Umesh srishti, Aravnd Venugopal, Aswathy Jayakumar, Nandan Thambi, Thomson Pathanamthitta, Abhilash KP and Vidhu Sree are the incredibly talented members of the DP Style Hub.

Kalki The Evolution, gives ample opportunities to people working in various professional fields, to express their creative side. The community founded by Arun Dev, Rex Kalki, Geethu Sivakumar, Ranjini Murali and Hariprasad have already become a rage among the young professionals who look forward to showcase their amazing creative talents. They follow the principle that a myriad of opportunities open up when many people, with various talents, come together. Many members of this community have even made their entry into the filmdom as well.