Bridal wear gets trendy; contrasts and pastels in vogue

Thin borders, in contrast shades, have given way to wide and heavy borders.

It is every bride’s dream to look stunning and elegant on the most special day in her life-the wedding day. Modern brides love to flaunt not just the stylish ornaments but trendy wedding trousseau that reflect their personalities. They make sure that the unique and striking designs of their gold or diamond jewellery matches the classy elegance of their attires. Shirley Rejimon, the owner of Milan Designs, talks about the latest designs and trends in the bridal wears and saris.

Contrast trend

The contrast trend that has taken over the wedding saris is apparently here to stay, this wedding season too. From pastel colours the bridal saris have switched to colourful contrasts that look stunning with gold jewellery. Thin borders, in contrast shades, have given way to wide and heavy borders. The saris that feature borders as wide as 7 – 8 inches are in demand. These saris would look breathtakingly beautiful in the wedding pictures as well.

Traditional and contemporary

The traditional Kancheepuram sari is still the favourite among the brides as nothing can beat its elegance. However, the number of brides who are ready to experiment by blending a bit of contemporary style to the traditional Kancheepuram is going up. Contemporary designs and colours are featured in a traditional sari to make it trendy and fashionable. Though the usual maroon and red shades are still in vogue, the modern bride is ready to don even a dark green sari.

The blue and magenta is a stylish and popular combination when it comes to contrast in the bridal sari. There are takers for pastel colours with contrasting dark shades. Earlier, brides weren’t interested in wearing saris which shed light colours. However, now, young women are willing to experiment with the looks by choosing such unique patterns. Last year, silver jari saris had been extremely popular among the bridal wear. Fashion pundits predict that saris with silver, silver with gold and gold kasavu (border) would continue to lure the brides this season too.

Trendy blouse designs

Blouses in the same colour of the sari are no longer fashionable now. Pairing a blouse that features heavy or intricate works with a simple sari is the current trend. Earlier, brides didn’t really care about the pattern or cuts of the blouses, but now, blouse have become designer pieces that are the highlight of the wedding look.

Fusion gowns

Gowns are still the most popular party-wear that makes the brides look chic and stylish. Nevertheless, there are many who opt for a heavy gagra - choli or a stunning lehenga for important ceremonies like the engagement or fun celebrations like the mehendi and haldi. The fusion lehenga and gown - styled lehenga with a beautiful trail would look absolutely amazing for a pre or post wedding party.

The net or tulle is the most common fabric used to stitch gowns. However, gowns in elegant silk fabric are becoming popular these days. Party wear gowns came mostly in the pastel shades. However, stylish gowns in dark hues are the current favourites.

Stylish bridegroom

The attires of the bridegroom too have become trendy, with a number of options available other than the traditional wear. For his wedding wear, the bridegroom often chooses the same colour or a contrasting shade of the bride’s attire. Kurta and pyjama or a classy sherwani with matching jacket are the popular choices as party wears. The stylish trends in the stitching and patterns of the kurta or jubba are what make the menswear stand out. Fabrics like georgette, jute, brocade and tusser are all used to stitch kurtas.

Milan’s trend

Shirley Rejimon says cinnamon gold shade is the latest star among the wedding saris featured by Milan, this wedding season. She adds that this unique shade may not go with all the colours, but looks stunningly contrasted with the pastel shades.