Fashion 'balloons' out of proportion, pics of latex pants amuses netizens

There are mixed reactions to the balloon pants now trending on social media. Photo: IANS

New Delhi: A collection of larger-than-life inflatable latex pants is doing the rounds on social media and people have started comparing the pants with Aladdin's vibes.

An Instagram user Harikrishnan (harri_ks) took to his handle and shared pictures of his unique collection with the caption, "Graduate collection. Let's Put Him in a Vase from LCFMA in-house presentation. This lineup was the culmination of some wonderful collaborations."

In the shared pictures, the pants look like inflated balloons and have been paired with tailored blazers and jackets for presentation. The designer cropped tailored jackets with billowing latex trousers to create exaggerated silhouettes. The post went viral, leading to jokes, memes and sarcasm on social media.

A user wrote, "What is wrong with people? I hope he has a backup job."

Another wrote, "That's unfair. Fashion is an art form where designers can push clothing to the extreme. Nobody expects this to be at Macy's next year."

A post read, "I seriously just want to pop this with a pin!"

"Clown pants? Where's the big shoes," asked one user.