Celebrate Women's Day with multifaceted talent Lara Dutta

Lara Dutta's skincare line Arias has been formulated to primarily address Indian skin. Image courtesy: IANS

New Delhi: There is no better time to celebrate sisterhood than today. Women across the globe have come together to support and encourage one another on this day dedicated to women.

From #Metoo which started in the United States to the women of Shaheen Bagh, on this occasion we champion womanhood; and to that end travel portal Airbnb celebrates with actor Lara Dutta for her entrepreneurial spirit.

Lara Dutta has donned many hats, starting from Miss Universe in 2000 to being a popular actor in Bollywood, she has carved a niche for herself. Currently, apart from focusing on being a home-maker, she has also delved into health and fitness, starting her own beauty range. IANSlife caught up with the actor and entrepreneur.

Your foray into the wellness industry is well timed as new entrants nudge out big players. Why do you think the consumer is welcoming startups?

There is a shift in consumption habits that has been a result of a lot of factors, digital being the key. I feel that consumers are always willing to experiment if they feel that a particular product or company caters to a specific need.

I came up with Arias which is less than a year old and is essentially a skincare line that has been formulated to primarily address Indian skin. It intends to appeal to the needs of the Indian consumer and can take care of all their requirements. Keeping in mind the climatic conditions of our country and the way Indian skin ages, it's essentially crafted to address the problems that we as Indians face with our skin type.

The paraben free, sulphate free and vegetarian line is such that even a younger audience, aged 16-17 can use the product without any apprehensions. It's very gentle on the skin and most importantly it's affordable.

You play many roles - model, actor, mother, fitness expert and now entrepreneur, how important do you think it is to continue to evolve personally and professionally?

I think it's just hunger and curiosity that helps me explore new avenues, I don't feel like I want to be limited to any one thing. I never say that I am just a beauty queen or just an actress, I'm always curious to know what's next and what more I can do to make an impact.

How important is it for women to support one another?

In today's digital age with technology at one's fingertips I would say, all power to women entrepreneurs out there. I know that when Women's Day comes around, there are a lot of brand activations, but the need of the hour is to fuel women entrepreneurs and give them a relevant platform to explore their passion.

Given that women are now open to exploring varied and multiple career options, Airbnb as a platform is providing them an opportunity to become hosts, thereby helping them become financially independent within the comfort of their ecosystem. I love the fact that in today's day and age, women have safe avenues to pursue their passion and I would really encourage more and more women in India to explore what works best towards their financial stability.