These indoor plants will make your interiors fresh and classy

indoor plants
It is important to choose the right kind of plants to adorn the interiors.

Many people love to bring a slice of nature inside their homes by arranging beautiful indoor plants. Studies reveal that these plants not only act as decorative features but also fill the interiors with fresh and clean air.

The interiors of a house are actually filled with toxic air and other harmful particles. The indoor plants would absorb the toxic air and fill the house with positive energy. However, some plants shouldn’t be kept inside as they are poisonous. So it is important to choose the right kind of plants to adorn the interiors. Here are some indoor plants which are beautiful, pleasant and useful as well.


Money plant

Money plant is the most common indoor plant that is seen in most houses. These creepers can be grown either in pots or in a small bottle filled with water. The ends should be pruned occasionally to keep it beautiful and healthy. Besides, filling the interiors with positive energy, it is believed that the money plant would bring wealth and good fortune.

Aloe vera

A plant with incredible medicinal properties, aloe vera can be grown indoors as well. The aloe vera plant can be kept at a place which receives lots of sun light. It should be noted that the aloe vera plant should be watered well. It should also be taken out frequently and kept in the sun.



Sansavieria is also called the viper’s plant or the snake plant. Its elongated leaves have earned it the nick name ‘mother–in–law’s tongue’. This indoor plant is easy to maintain. However, it helps purify the air inside the house. It wouldn’t be withered even if it is watered once in three or four weeks. Many varieties of sansavieria are available in the market. It would grow amazingly even at places which receives less sunlight.



Lucky bamboo is a popular indoor plant which can be seen in many houses. As per Feng Shui rules, keeping lucky bamboo inside the house would bring good luck. It could be kept in a glass bowl and placed in a corner where sun light doesn’t fall directly. Besides, it should be placed facing the entrance door of the house. Bamboo palm too is suitable to be kept indoors. It requires less maintenance and care. It should be watered occasionally and the decayed leaves should be removed.


Spider plant

Spider plant would easily grow in any condition. It is always better to grow the plant in a hanging pot. Around 200 varieties of spider plants are available. The leaves of this indoor plant can absorb the toxic air and release oxygen. These plants help regulate the temperature inside the house and maintain a pleasant atmosphere.