Interlock-bricks for houses a rage now as they cut costs by half

Interlock-bricks are as strong as the regular mud blocks or the laterite stones and can bear huge weight.

The construction method using interlocking bricks is gaining popularity as it considerably reduces the amount of building materials, cost of construction and the time taken to complete the construction. One of the most amazing advantages of the interlocking bricks is that they have shiny outer surfaces which do not require cement plastering. Putty could be directly applied over it and then finished off with paint. It helps reduce the cost of construction of the walls up to 30% to 40%. These bricks are as strong as the regular mud blocks or the laterite stones and can bear huge weight as well. So, it could be used to build load bearing walls or multistoried buildings.

Interlock mud bricks

Interlock bricks or compressed soil earth blocks are made using sand, cement and a special kind of adhesive. The sand is first powdered in a crusher and then mixed with 3% cement with the help of a mixing machine. This mixture is then turned into blocks of specific measurements using a hydraulic press machine.


These blocks have an earthy tone which looks amazing after applying a coat of terracotta coloured paint. It is better to use waterproof paint on the outer walls. The interlock blocks can be used to build the boundary wall as well. Applying a thin concrete layer above it would increase its strength and prevent the rain water from seeping in.


Concrete interlock block

Concrete interlock blocks, in light grey shade, have shiny outer surface. Putty could be applied only in the joints on the outer walls and finish off with a coat of paint. There is no need to plaster the inner walls as well; instead, putty could be applied and then painted. As channels could be made using an electric cutter, these blocks are suitable for concealed wiring and plumbing. It is better to drill and insert screws rather than hitting nails into it.


Fly ash interlock blocks

Fly ash interlock blocks are made by reusing fly ash, which is an industrial waste. So, it could easily be called an eco-friendly building material. Besides, these are cheaper than other construction materials. There is no need to plaster the walls built using these blocks as they have a smooth outer surface. Channels could be made using electric cutters for concealed wiring and plumbing. Putty could be applied on the joints and then painted. These blocks are removable and can be transported to a different location. Besides, a new house in different design could be built using the same blocks.