A chic house in Wayanad where art meets nature

The structure of the house is designed in such a way that it allows the family to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding nature in all its glory.

This stunning house, with serene nature in the backdrop, is an amazing expression of an expatriate’s love and nostalgic feelings for his home town in Kerala. When Anwar, who lives abroad, decided to build his dream dwelling at Panamaram, a beautiful countryside in the Wayanad district, he wanted it to don the classic charm of traditional architecture, yet with all the modern facilities. Architect Iyas Muhammed has designed this house by keeping in mind the dreams and interests of the family members. The house stands in a charming valley, with lush green fields in the front and majestic mountains in the back side of the 15 cents plot. The structure is designed in a way which allows the family to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding nature in all its grace.


The slanted roof has been paved with roofing tiles. It was only reasonable that the family opted for a slanted roof, and not a flat one, as the area receives heavy rainfall during the monsoons. The open courtyard on the side is the highlight of the interiors. Pleasant sunshine and cool breeze make their way into the interiors through this open space.


This elegant abode, designed in 2450 sq ft, has a formal living area, dining hall and kitchen with an adjacent work area, four bedrooms and an upper storey hall.


Anwar has an amazing taste for art and insisted that his house too should feature beautiful art works in his new house. The stunning wall arts in the formal living area and on the wall beside the stair way add a unique charm to the interior spaces. Besides these wall arts that add a splash of colours, the rest of the interiors are done in lighter shades of hues and simple designs. Vitrified tiles are paved on the floor.


The central hall is designed in the open style. The dining area, stairway and the wash area are all part of this spacious hall. Each space in this house has been arranged giving prime importance to natural ventilation, which makes the interiors look pleasant. There is no need to switch on the lights during the day time as natural sun shine illuminate the entire house. Similarly, the cool breeze in the night is very soothing and the family members hardly switch on the fans. The electricity bills are never a shocker for the family; instead it helps them save significant amount of money.


The bedrooms have huge windows that open to the enchanting beauty of nature outside. The bath-attached bedrooms have in–built wardrobe facilities and separate dressing spaces as well. The kitchen cabinets are made in plywood and mica finish.


Wooden tiles are clad on the steps of the stairway and its hand rails feature GI pipes enhanced through industrial work. The open balcony is the perfect spot to enjoy the mesmerizing nature and relax with a cup of coffee in the evenings. This in fact is the liveliest spot in the upper storey where family members often gather.


As the plot lies in multiple levels, a considerable amount of money was spent to build the foundation and design the landscaping as well. The construction of the structure was completed in Rs 38 lakh and an additional Rs 9 lakh was spent for the landscape and designing the furnishings. This house, built on a total budget of Rs 47 lakh, looks classy and is as beautiful as the verdant nature around.


Project Facts

Location – Panmaram, Wayanad

Area – 2450 SFT

Plot – 15 cents

Owner – Anwar

Designer – Architect Iyas Muhammed

Mob – 8089256676

Year of completion – 2019 July