This Kozhikode house is perfect gift from a teacher

The newly added rectangular pillars, adorned with claddings, are the highlight of the exteriors.

Shaheen, a student of architecture, is excited to show around his beautiful house that has been renovated recently. “Our newly purchased house is at Kunnamangalam in Kozhikode, Kerala. Many had advised us to demolish the house and build a new one as the spaces in the existing structure were congested and lacked facilities too. However, it was architect Noushad who suggested giving it a makeover instead. An ordinary looking house was transformed into a stunning house that is simple and classy as well,” says Shaheen.


The family wanted to add more facilities and features that suit their interests and life style. Besides making the flat roofed structure incredibly attractive by adding designer features, the landscaping too was given prominence. The outdoor areas are elaborately designed as the family wanted more such spaces to entertain guests and organize get together. The spacious front yard and the aesthetically designed landscape and garden play a vital role in enhancing the majestic look of the exteriors of the house. The trees that stood in the front yard including the fruit bearing trees like the beautiful gooseberry tree and sapota tree are retained. Moreover, the landscape has been designed by making these trees the main focal point.



The elevation has undergone a major facelift, granting the house an elegant look. The claddings on the car porch pillars add the perfect contrast here. The newly added rectangular pillars, adorned with claddings, are the highlight of the exteriors. A pergola has been arranged above the car porch using square pipes and polycarbonate sheet.


This house has undergone an elaborate renovation, right from the gate to the interiors. The house got modified to suit the climate of the locality. The solar panels and the rain water harvesting system make sure that the house functions on environmental friendly and sustainable sources. The common areas too have been altered, with lots of features being added to make these more space efficient. The living area has now become the dining area.


The sitting area in this house is arranged a few inches higher than the rest of the house. A majlis has been built by coordinating all the rooms and spaces in the lower floor. This is amazingly designed, making it the perfect spot for the family to host guests and have a hearty chat with them. Pillars and beams are added here so that the walls wouldn’t be burdened by the weight.


Gypsum false ceiling is done in the living and the dining areas, which make these areas look taller. Plywood and laminates are used to make the wardrobes in the bedrooms. The stair area is the most attractive space in the interiors. Instead of building a new one, the old stairway was given a fresh coat of polish. A TV unit too finds place in this spacious hall.


Vitrified tiles that have similar texture to granites are paved on the floor in the upper storey. Wood, plywood, veneer, gypsum and Korean stones are some of the materials used for the renovation of this house. Time had taken a major toll on some of the walls in the interiors. These weakened walls were removed and have been replaced with beams. This has made the spaces vaster and spacious as well. The common areas are rearranged in ‘L’ shape.


The kitchen, which faced the south – west direction, is transferred to the northern part of the house. The counter top paved with nano white and the cabinets built using multi wood, laminates and plywood are some of the latest additions in the kitchen.

“Architect Noushad, who is also my teacher, adopted chic design patterns and modern technology to give this house an amazing makeover. My family has given full marks to him for that,” smiles Shaheen.

Project Facts

Location – Kunnamangalam, Kozhikode

Area – 3800 SFT

Owner – Hassan Thangal

Architect – Noushad

Sapceio Architects, Kozhikode

Pictures – Ajeeb Komachy