Moderate budget, chic interiors glorify this Kozhikode house

The elegant house exudes a classic charm of traditional style while boasting an array of modern facilities.

Abhilash’s brand new house stands on a 16 cents land in his hometown in Thikkodi in Kozhikode, Kerala. This house is built after demolishing the old ancestral home as time had begun taking a toll on that structure. The bricks and the wood from the old house are reused on the new structure as well. This has helped significantly lower the cost of construction.


The elegant house exudes a classic charm of traditional style while boasting an array of modern facilities. Though the house looks like a single storied structure from outside, it actually is double-storied. The beautiful landscape has been designed by retaining the trees and the flowering plants that already stood on the plot. The entrance door opens to this stunning landscape which has lush greenery. The elongated verandah and the projected façade are designed in the traditional style which looks similar to the classic architecture of temples.


Designed in 3400 sq ft area, this spectacular house has formal and family living areas, dining space, courtyard, kitchen, four bedrooms and an upper living area. Vitrified tiles are paved on the floor in the common areas. Besides, wooden flooring too is used in some parts of the house.


The interiors designed in the semi open style make the house space-efficient and vast. The huge windows ensure excellent cross ventilation. The old furniture is reused in the new house as well. They look as stunning as brand new pieces, with a fresh coat of polish. The dining table, in oval shape, is simple and elegant.


The stairway features the classic combination of steel and wood. A spacious living room with sitting spaces has been arranged in the upper landing.


The courtyard is the highlight of the interiors. The spaces are designed in a way which allows beautiful views of the courtyard from all corners. The roof above the courtyard is in double height. The glass skylight here brings lots of natural sunshine into the house. Built-in sitting spaces are arranged around the courtyard. The indoor plants add a hint of greenery here.


The kitchen has been designed by giving prominence to storage. The cabinets are built using old wood and timber. An adjacent work area completes the kitchen space.


The bedrooms are designed based on the theme of minimalism by avoiding ornamental features and decor. The bath-attached bedrooms have built-in wardrobes for storage as well.


The long distance view of this house, which hides behind trees and other greenery, is breathtaking. The small temple that was part of the old ancestral home too has been retained with minor touch ups.


The most amazing fact about this house is that though it may look as classy and elegant as a luxury dwelling, the construction was completed on a reasonable budget of Rs 34 lakhs.


Among the various factors that helped in keeping a tab on the expenses, reusing old wood for furnishing played a pivotal role. The building materials were purchased on wholesale. The interiors exude the elegant charm of minimalism. False ceiling is done only in certain parts of the house. The kitchen cabinets are built using old wood.

Project Facts

Location – Thikkodi, Kozhikode

Plot – 16 cents

Area – 3400 SFT

Owner – Abhilash

Designer – Faisal

Vastu Constructions, Payyoli

Mob – 94470 08045

Pictures – Shijo Thomas