Beautiful mansion in Malappuram exudes exuberance at its best

Each space in this house can be enjoyed and experienced in the most extraordinary way.

Hafstha Mahal, the beautiful palatial house in Vaniyambalam in Malappuram district, Kerala stands out for its unique features and interesting designs. The architect has ensured that this scintillating mansion is trendy with an avant-garde style and designing.

Though the house dons the contemporary architecture style, it is designed in a way to accommodate the changes that happen with time. The elegant charm of minimalism could be seen throughout the house. The elevation features the chic style of the modern architecture, enhanced by the serene beauty of the white hue. The uniquely designed roof could be turned into sloped roof if required, in the future.

The perfect combination of metallic, wood and stainless steel makes the gate incredibly appealing. The landscape is designed by retaining the mango tree that stood in the plot. Natural kota stones are paved in the front yard with lush green grass grown in alternate layers.


The huge windows that are placed according to the direction of the wind are visible on the elevation. Besides, groves too are installed to receive lots of natural sunshine and cool breeze.

There are two entrance to the house. One is the main entrance and the other one leads from the car porch to the family yard. The long sit-out and the internal courtyard adds oodles of charm to this house. There is a separate consulting room and visiting launch as well for the owner’s wife who is a doctor.


The spaces in the interiors are arranged according to the direction of the wind and sunlight. The spacious interiors, meanwhile, reflect the mesmerizing charm of minimalism.


The ground floor has a foyer, family and formal living areas, family yard, stair area, prayer area, dining space, utility room, store room and a working kitchen as well.


The formal living area is on the right side of the foyer and on the left side is the entry to the master bedroom. The formal living area is designed as a triple height space which makes it look enormous. Huge windows line the walls on both sides of the living area. Besides bringing in lots of natural light and breeze, you could enjoy the beautiful views of the landscape as well.


The window on the one side allows the view of the family yard which is the highlight of the interiors. Teak wood is used for all the wooden elements in the house. Veneer and laminate too have been used to furnish the interiors.


The interiors could be divided into three sections – the general area, the family space and the private space. Each space has been designed ensuring comfort and privacy.

The dining area, formal living space and the prayer area are the common spaces while the bedrooms, family living room and the family yard are arranged in the private zone.


The stairway is closer to the family living space. The family yard becomes the focal point here. One could get into this area from the family living space itself. Here, the metal pergolas act as a decorative feature as well. A coffee table and four chairs complete this extremely enchanting space. This space could also be used as an entertainment space, a coffee table space or a play area for kids.

The family living area, the dining and the kitchen are all designed by giving prime importance to the beauty and looks of the spaces. The false ceiling and the cut-out in interesting design, above the dining table instantly draws attention. The prayer area, meanwhile, is just opposite the dining space.


The family living area, designed in the double height, is arranged as a continuation of the dining space. A TV unit and elegant pieces of furniture completes this area.

There is a small landing space after the first flight of stairs. Wood and MS add to the stylish look of the stairway. From the landing space, could easily catch a view of the ground floor. Meanwhile, in the upper storey, there is an upper living area and three bedrooms as well. The spaces in the upper floor are designed in a way which allows easy communication from here to the living areas and the dining space below.


There are five bedrooms in both the floors in this house. The bath-attached bedrooms have in – built wardrobe units and separate dressing spaces as well. The bathrooms are well furnished using high end products. Each room is uniquely designed to suit the likes and needs of the persons who stay in them. Huge windows bring in sunlight and wind. It is the simple yet elegant beauty of the bedrooms that make them stand out.


The island kitchen is vast and spacious. The classic combination of white and grey makes the kitchen look incredibly stylish. The island breakfast table too acts as a designer element here. The counter top is paved with Korean stone. Meanwhile, the glass lacquer shutters of the cupboards add a luxurious look to the kitchen. The openings and the skylight fill this area with positive vibes. The adjacent utility room and the working kitchen too are part of the kitchen complex.


The family and the designer vow that each space in this house could be enjoyed and experienced in the most extraordinary way. The desires and interests of the family have been brilliantly turned into spectacular decorative features and amazing facilities. These factors make the spaces grab attention for its utility and mesmerizing looks as well.

Project Facts

Location – Vaniyambalam, Malappuram

Plot – 20.36 cents

Area – 5225 SFT

Owner – Fasal Vaniyambalam

Designer – Faisal Nirman

Mob - 9895978900