This elegant mansion in Nilambur is all new after renovation

mansion in nilambur
The slope roof in double layers is what gives the elevation its classy look.

Nisar, an expatriate, decided to give a modern makeover to his 17 year old house in Edakkara near Nilambur, Kerala, when the family began complaining about congested spaces and lack of sufficient supply of natural light and air. The renovation works were entrusted to noted architect Asar Juman while designer Nebla, who is also Nisar’s cousin, came on board to give a charming makeover to the interiors.

The slope roof in double layers is what gives the elevation its classy look. Shingles are paved on the sloped roof. The old window and the sun shade on the elevation wall got replaced with a stylish brick show wall.

A wall lined with GI louvers near the balcony is easily spotted from outside. Besides, acting as an amazing design feature, this blocks the view of the truss roof room that is just behind it.

Without too many dismantling, the interiors were made vaster by rearranging the spaces in a smart and efficient way. Small spaces were joined to make spacious areas. The floor level was lowered a bit, in the beginning itself, to balance the height in case newer additions are made in the interiors. Lots of open spaces and windows illuminate the interiors with natural sunshine.

Designed in 2700 sqft, this spectacular abode has a sit out, formal and family living areas, dining space, and kitchen with a work area, four bedrooms, upper hall and a balcony as well.

Paneling is done by retaining the old timber furnishing and the doors. Meanwhile, the new set of customized furniture blends well with the general theme of the house.

The kitchen cupboards are done in mica with veneer finish. Meanwhile, planilaque glass is used on the backsplash just above the counter.

The bedrooms have been rearranged to make them spacious. The bath attached bedrooms have in – built wardrobes for storage.

The front yard paved with natural stones and grass in alternate layers adds to the overall look of the house. Meanwhile, the compound wall follows the design elements that are seen on the elevation. The brick claddings and the holes are stylish and blend well with the theme of the house.

The family is thrilled that their house got the perfect makeover. Interestingly, the most fabulous thing about this renovated house is that it hardly looks like it has been given a facelift.

Project Facts

Location – Edakkara, Nilambur

Plot – 20 cents

Area – 2700 SFT

Owner – Nisar

Design – Asar Juman

AJ Designs, Manjeri

Mob – 9633945975

Year of completion – 2020

Pictures – Akhil Komachy

Mob - 9746852557