Mangosteen: The magic fruit with innumerable health benefits

Mangosteen is known as the queen among fruits for its nutritional values.

Mangosteen, a fruit with a purple-coloured covering and a fleshy white-coloured part inside, has several health benefits. Low in calories, mangosteen is rich in nutrients.

A cup of mangosteen weighing 196 g contains a mere 143 calories. Carbohydrates, fibres, Vitamin C, B9, B1 and B2 along with minerals like Manganese, Copper and Magnesium are abundant in the fruit. Mangosteen has several anti-oxidant properties. Compounds like Vitamin C, Folate and Xanthones are also present. Their presence contributes to the anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-diabetic properties of the fruit.

Other benefits of mangosteen are:

• Mangosteen has the ability to reduce inflammation as well as prevent cancer.

• Studies have proved that mangosteen can help reduce body weight. In addition, mangosteen improves the metabolism of fat. This prevents increase of body weight.

• The fruit can also control blood sugar level. Studies have found that mangosteen can check diabetes by reducing insulin resistance. The Xanthones and fibres in mangosteen are the constituents that control blood sugar level.

• Mangosteen strengthens the immune system thanks to the Vitamin C and fibres present in it.

• Mangosteen juice can protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Mangosteen can also increase the elasticity of skin and prevent the appearance of the signs of aging.

• Another benefit of mangosteen is that it increases the level of good cholesterol and makes the heart healthier. As it contains plenty of fibres, mangosteen improves digestion and helps avoid constipation.

• Minerals like Potassium, Copper, Magnesium and Manganese in mangosteen can help reduce high blood pressure.

• The anti-inflammatory properties of mangosteen can check cold and flu.

• Some compounds present in mangosteen have anti-bacterial powers also.

• Mangosteen is also known as the queen among fruits, based on these benefits.