After 700 dialysis, this youth is full of positivity; seeks aid for kidney transplant

Jokin spends around Rs 35,000 for medicines alone a month and an additional Rs 500 for each dialysis.

Jokin George, 33, is a health professional who himself is preparing for a major surgical procedure, for which he needs financial support. A BSc nurse, Jokin has undergone dialysis around 700 times so far. Now doctors have told the youth that a kidney transplant which would cost Rs 12 lakh was inevitable.

Jokin is a person who spreads positive energy and sports the effervescent smile as always. He loves music, dance, acting, fashion and travelling. Also a food lover, Jokin once finished two biriyanis at one go before an Ayurveda treatment procedure.

Now working at Holy Cross Hospital in Adoor, Jokin’s health issue was first diagnosed 15 years ago while he was a nursing student in Mangaluru. Suffering from back pain, Jokin was subjected to several tests which showed that he had excess amount of albumin in urine. However, the doctor told him that it was a lifestyle condition and would go away on its own. He was prescribed some medicines, which Jokin continued taking for 10 years.

He attended classes during daytime and worked at night to complete his course. In Mangaluru, Jokin also was a dancer, penned songs, composed music, performed mimicry and mono-act and even worked for a music album. He won the trophy for arts champion regularly.

Jokin subsequently started working in the Karnataka city after earning his nursing degree and made new friends as well as enjoyed his food. However, tests conducted in 2014 showed that his disease had worsened. Jokin then decided to leave Mangaluru and return to his native Adoor.

The doctor he consults now told Jokin two-and-a-half years ago that a kidney transplant was the only way ahead and his friends started looking for a compatible donor. Meanwhile, Jokin started dialysis. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the kind nuns of Holy Cross Hospital gave Jokin his present job. “It is my biggest relief,” says the youth.

Son of George and Lalitha of Jack Home in Adoor, Jokin is employed as a cashier at the hospital lab, where his duty time is from morning to 3 pm. On Mondays and Wednesdays, Jokin heads to the dialysis room after work and remains there till 10 pm for the procedure. On Saturdays, he gets an off from work as the dialysis starts from 10 am. Jokin spends around Rs 35,000 for medicines alone a month and an additional Rs 500 for each dialysis.

Even amid such adversities, Jokin remains positive. “Some time ago, all my clothes began to fade. I felt that my life too was becoming dark. However, I was not ready to give up and rushed to a nearby textile shop and bought a new shirt and a pair of jeans. I also purchased new shoes. All the negative thoughts disappeared and now I don’t even consider myself as a patient,” he says.

The youth loves to live the present moment. “My friends and cousins are my biggest strength and I spend much time with them. I also read books and the Holy Bible is my favourite. Devoting time to quiet prayer also calms my mind,” reveals Jokin.

His optimism has been noticed by the hospital authorities, who have given Jokin an extra duty - boosting the spirits of depressed patients.

Jokin’s another interest is vehicles. He owns a 1980 model Lamby scooter and loves vintage cars. Once while returning from a dialysis session, he dozed off at the wheel of his car and the vehicle rolled over thrice. However, Jokin escaped with minor injuries. “God probably saved my life to ensure that I fulfilled all my wishes,” he feels.

The youth also dreams of acting in films and is even prepared to postpone his transplant for the purpose.

Meanwhile, the tests for Jokin’s kidney transplant continue. His friends are hoping that contributions from well-wishers would enable the youth to undergo the procedure. Jokin has a bank account at the Adoor branch of HDFC Bank. Account number is 50100072651087 and IFSC code is HDFC0001283.