Eat rice in this pattern to lose weight and stay healthy

Rice which is low on fat is easily digestible and contains lots of B vitamins.

Quite often avoiding rice is the first step for those who are looking to shed some kilos. However, many wonder whether rice can actually make you put on weight. Rice which is low on fat is easily digestible and contains lots of B vitamins. Fitness experts say that you could actually shed weight without giving up rice, if you are already following a special weight loss diet. Most people say ‘no’ to white rice as it contains calories and starch. You would have to cut down the calories to actually lose weight, right? However, there is an easy way to do that without quitting rice.

Smaller portions

Eat rice in smaller quantities when you have your meals. This prevents you from having too much calories. Besides, you must not include other food items that have carbohydrates, in a meal, if you are having rice.

Eat vegetables

Rice is easily digestible, so you would feel hungry pretty soon. Eat lots of vegetables that are storehouses of proteins and fibers, along with rice so that you wouldn’t be hungry that quickly. You could include vegetables like beans, capsicum, broccoli and paneer with rice.

Cook well

You could try a cooking method that reduces the calories in rice. Rice shouldn’t be fried in oil or mixed with any creams or fats. Boil the rice by adding water and drain well. This removes the starch to a certain extent.

A healthy and well balanced diet and regular workouts are what help you maintain a healthy body weight. It is important to remember that there is no magical diet that can shed your weight in just a few days. You could easily maintain a healthy body weight by eating rice as long as you cook it well and consume in smaller portions.