What if couples with incompatible blood groups marry?

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Blood cells flow through a blood vessel.

A query for clarifying doubts about marriage and compatible blood groups was that if a person with a particular blood group marries some one with incompatible blood, group will the children be affected by it.

The answer is the blood could be described as a fluid that consists of red blood cells, white blood cells and plasma. In case of blood transfusions, make sure that one receives the blood from a person with matching blood group. There are four main blood groups or types of blood – A, B, AB and O. While donating blood based only on these groups, the blood may clot again and cause severe problems. So, based on this factor, the blood groups are further grouped into Rh positive and Rh negative.

If the mother is Rh negative and father Rh positive, then, during the gestational period of the first baby, the fetus could develop an immunity power created by the antigen in the blood. The antigen is a substance which induces immune responses and produces antibodies.

Normally, the antibodies wouldn’t be produced in the body to a dangerous level. If the next baby is Rh positive, then the presence of the antibodies could be seen in the mother’s blood as the gestational period progresses. This may increase the antibodies in the fetus’ blood while lowering the red blood cells. This may cause jaundice and lead to abortion. It is not practical to get married by finding a person with compatible blood group. It would, however, be better if you could marry a woman of the same blood group.