Here is what happens when you watch solar eclipse with naked eyes

One should make sure that kids wear proper eye-protection while watching solar eclipse.

Exposing your eyes to the sun, without proper eye protection, during solar eclipse can cause blindness. The ultra violet rays from the sun are generally harmful to eyes. However, it wouldn’t affect us much as it is extremely uncomfortable and difficult to look directly at the sun. But during a solar eclipse, as the moon covers the sun, it would be easier to directly look at the sun and therefore the ultra violet rays can cause the damage. This may lead to diminishing eye sight.

During solar eclipse, you can look at the sun wearing glasses fitted with solar filters. Make sure that you use the spectacles that are ISO 12312 – 2 certified. Do not use X ray films or sun glasses to look at the sun during the eclipse.

Make sure that the kids wear proper eye protection while watching the eclipse. It is not safe to look at the sun through camera or binoculars.

Though lots of superstitions are associated with solar eclipse, it has been proved that they do not have any scientific validation. Many believe that pregnant women should not go out during the eclipse or food should not be cooked or eaten. However, they are unscientific superstitions.

It has been scientifically and medically proven that looking at the sun during the solar eclipse with naked eyes can cause blindness.