Samsung 'Galaxy Watch' may hit Indian markets at Rs 22,600

Samsung galaxy watch
The new 'Galaxy Watch' comes with LTE connectivity and the new stress-and-sleep-monitoring capabilities: Photo| Samsung

Mumbai: The Samsung 'Galaxy Watch' smartwatch, part of the recent Samsung trio launch, will be priced at Rs 22, 600.

The product was launched amid much hype in a swanky event in Brooklyn, New York Thursday.

Priced at $329.99, 'Galaxy Watch' comes with LTE connectivity and the new stress-and-sleep-monitoring capabilities would allow users to text, stream music, receive notifications and would work in compatibility with Galaxy Note 9 or even independently.

Better glass  

Global tech company Corning Incorporated on Friday announced that Samsung's newly-introduced 'Galaxy Watch' will come with its new glass composite called Corning Gorilla Glass 'DX+,' which is highly scratch-resistant and anti-reflective.

Corning's Gorilla Glass 'DX+' is an attempt to address issues with the advanced mobile displays, inclduing drop, scratch and readability.

"We are pleased that Samsung has designed Gorilla Glass 'DX+' into their latest device. Gorilla Glass 'DX+' offers the unique combination of superior scratch resistance and excellent optics," Scott Forester, division vice president, marketing and innovation products, Corning Gorilla Glass, said in a statement.

Gorilla Glass 'DX+' comes with lower front surface reflection and increased display contrast ratio with the same display brightness level.