'Nayika Nayakan' fame Vincy itching to complete a journey

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Vincy Aloysious became a household name after some stellar performances in 'Nayika Nayakan,' a Malayalam talent hunt reality show to select lead actors for director Lal Jose's forthcoming movie.


Earlier, Vincy's life was confined to books and studies but now her world is bigger with lot of dreams. Vincy, who hails from Malappuram, is very much looking forward to journeys to some interesting places as part of her movie commitments.

Though Vincy, who has few friends, loves to hit the road, she doesn't get many opportunities to explore much. Travelling alone was never an option as Vincy's parents were against it right from her childhood and that forced her to shelve her travel dreams, at least for a while. But whenever time permits the family as a whole would go on expeditions, she adds.

Let's take a peek into the travel experiences of Vincy.


Family trips

"I loved the family visits to my uncle's house in Bengaluru, and have been to most of the places there," she says. The best part of these visits is shopping. The most preferred destination for all of us is the Athirapilly-Vazhachal water falls. Everyone soaked in the pristine beauty of these eco-tourism spots during a trip there as part of the 'Nayika Nayakan' show. Athirapilly is nothing but love at first sight, and anyone will be dumbfounded by these majestic cascades.

Most of the visitors return after viewing the falls from atop the hills, but the real charm is in going to the base of the falls. It is unbelievable, to say the least. There was always a yearning desire to visit the base of the falls after seeing it in some of the films. "We also occasionally go on a pilgrimage to Velankanni in Tamil Nadu," she adds.


The unforgettable first trip

"I love forts and ancient temples as I am an architect student. It is great to walk through the architecture and engravings of these structures. And that’s why I started to travel alone," she notes.


The usual practice was to skip the annual study tours as there were no thick friends as travel companions. But everything changed with the trip, during the final year of the architecture course, from Ahmedabad to Delhi with the classmates.

The journey was pure fun. The visit to Dada Harir stepwell in Ahmedabad was one of the highlights of the trip. One has to go down several stairs to reach the surface level of ground water in the well. The stairways are replete with exquisite etchings. Well-crafted engravings can also be found on pillars supporting this huge ancient structure. Sanskrit and Arabic inscriptions could be seen on the walls of the stepwell, and the visit helped in knowing more about the ancient stories relating to the edifice. The prominent masjids of the region were an eye opener for all.


Jaisalmer – The golden city in Rajasthan

Another absorbing journey was the trip to the golden city of Jaisalmer. The imposing palaces, forts, ancient temples, archaeological sites and mansions would take one to a bygone era.

"While on a visit to Jaipur, I was down with chicken-pox and had to return to my home town. I was dejected over the fact that I couldn’t complete my first solo journey. But things changed with Lal Jose sir's Nayika Nayakan show. I am happy now," she says.

On her future Vincy says, "I will complete my studies, and architecture will be my profession and acting my passion."

'Nayika Nayakan' experience

Fort Kochi was the main shooting location for the show. Kochi, queen of the Arabian Sea, is a beautiful city. The backwaters give a different hue to the city's charm. Fort Kochi and Mattancherry are equally good, Vincy says. The Chethi beach near Mararikulam in Alappuzha district is a place where one could visit with family. The 'premam' round of the 'Nayika Nayakan' show was shot at this beach.

The future

"I am gearing up to work in Lal Jose's film, which will be shot in Bihar. I also want to the complete the journey which was cut short halfway through by disease," she says.