Krishna Prabha unlocks a trove of travel escapades

krishna prabha

Krishna Prabha is someone who channels undoubted passion for dancing and acting. She has another fad too – travelling. The actress-dancer loves to visit places and know their unique culture. Krishna Prabha's travel mantra is quite simple: Relax far away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. She opens up her heart on her favourite travel escapades.

At the onset, she reveals that all her travels are unplanned and happen out of nowhere, and all tours are just pure fun. All her travel plans are on pause due to the lockdown norms to contain the spread of coronavirus. Currently, the actress is learning the nuances of video editing as she has plenty of free time on her hands. She had edited some videos of her past trips and uploaded them on YouTube.

Each tour will change the perception about life, says Krishna Prabha, who adds that her passion for travelling runs in the family as her mother and brother are travel freaks. Whenever there is a break from work, Krishna Prabha loves to hit the road with her mother and brother.

Love for forest

The accomplished actor loves to go on a journey by savouring the beauty of nature. Krishna Prabha is not into planning any of her jaunts as she visits places whenever time permits. She has a liking for trekking and if it is through lush green forests that can be something out of the world for the actress who has essayed many roles in Malayalam films. Recently she had an unexpected chance to go to Masinagudi, a charming hill town in Tamil Nadu.

Krishna Prabha's elder brother is in Changanassery and the mother-daughter duo decided to pay him a visit. But plans changed in a jiffy as they headed to Masinagudi along with a friend.

"We started off at 6 pm knowing very well that night drive is risky. The hairpin bends were scary as we don't know whether some wild animals are there around the corner," she says.

They stopped over at a shop near a check post, which was closed. Suddenly a person ran frantically into the stop saying that a tusker was in the vicinity.

"The shopkeeper advised us to get into the car. We hopped into the car and stayed put. We were trembling as we saw the jumbo coming but luckily the pachyderm changed course and moved to the forest. If it had come our way, the tusker could have trampled us to death. We had to wait there as the check post would open only at 6 am," adds the actress, who had also made her presence felt in small screen.

The trio had reached the check post at 3am and they wanted to proceed to a resort inside the forest, once the check post opened.

“The stay at the resort was a great experience. The staff had advised us not to venture out if we hear any sound. We heard the creaking sound of dry branches breaking at the dead of night. Someone had told me that there are many bears in Masinagudi but I couldn't spot one during my visit," notes the actress who had shared screen space with many superstars.

The yummy Marayoor jaggery

Marayoor, known for its lip-smacking jaggery and sandalwood forests, is one of the favourite destinations of this talented artist. Marayoor is a dream spot that can attract anyone with its pleasant cool climate and delightful countryside views. The highpoints of this beautiful place include the age-old 'muniyaras' or burial chambers and numerous jaggery-manufacturing huts, among others. The actress had shared videos of her trip to Marayoor and visit to a hut that produces jaggery in a traditional way on social media.

The small hilly hamlet of Kanthaloor, which is 32 km from Marayoor, is a must-see spot.

Spotting a leopard

Krishna Prabha once went to Parambikulam in Palakkad district where one can witness nature at its best. Tigers rule the world there and if one is lucky these majestic big cats can be spotted in the wilderness.

"We entered the forest in a forest department vehicle and the guide told that we will be able to spot wild animals if the goddess of luck smiles on us. The animals tend to keep off the path normally taken by the safari vehicles. But the monkeys perched high on the trees make a special sound when they see tigers or leopards in the vicinity," notes the actress.

Before much delay, the monkeys started to cry in unison and the guide informed that a tiger or leopard was nearby.

"Something went past the vehicle in a flash, and that was a leopard. It was a moment to cherish," Krishna Prabha adds. The journey back home was through Chinnar, a place replete with wonderful views.

Krishna Prabha admits that she is lucky to be an artist as dancing and acting have given her a lot including some sublime travel experience.

She has travelled to many countries including the UK, the US and Australia to be part of scores of stages shows. A nation that stands out for Krishna Prabha is Ireland which can be equated with Munnar in Kerala. Farming is the main vocation of its residents and the actress-dancer also visited many farms in Ireland.

"My dream is to extensively travel across India," Krishna Prabha concludes.