Jothlag Waterfalls beckons

Jothlag beckons

Here is one more not so popular gem of a tourist attraction from Kasaragod. Tucked away near the picturesque Ranipuram, is the Jothlag falls. Situated on the Panathadi-Ranipuram route, which is about one kilometer and a half from Peruthadi, the waterfall cascades down 45 ft and is a visual treat during the monsoons. Jothlag, in Marathi, means waterfall. However, utmost caution should be exercised when you head out to Jothlag falls. The way to the foot of the waterfall is a tough trek. Especially so during the monsoon months, because you run a high chance of slipping on the moss covered path. Unlike many popular waterfalls, the authorities have not yet built a guard rail or a hanging bridge across the falls.