An escape to Nelliyampathy


You can see the cloud-kissed peaks of Nelliyampathy ranges as you drive through Nenmara. We, like many others, were out on a trip to beat the summer heat. As we drove up the hills, we could see the clouds gathering in a distance. The designs they made against the blue skies reminded us of a desktop wallpaper. The sun was shining in all its glory, but here, high in the hills, there was a cool breeze, swept by us, relaxing and comforting. We made a pitstop at Pothundy Dam where we took in the picturesque landscape. We decided to relax at the dam site on our way back, and that is another story. We drove on. The winding roads offered some vantage points from where we could see the beauty of Palakkad. Nelliyampathy is famous for its Orange cultivation. Take a walk through one of the farms and the friendly farm hands will explain how things work at an orange estate. There are a couple of places where you can stay at Nelliyampathy. Take time off to explore Palagapandy, Seetharkundu and Mampara before you drive down the hill - back to the city and its mundane life.