Celebrations in airspace too as maiden flight takes off from Kannur


As the first flight took off the newly inaugurated Kannur International Airport, celebrations erupted on the ground, with everyone congratulating each other. Meanwhile, inside the aeroplane, the passengers too couldn't hide their excitement as they became part of the historic journey. The passengers on the first flight to Abu Dhabi celebrated by singing songs and some even managed to shake a leg. The passengers began singing traditonal Mappilla songs which are like folk songs of nothern Kerala.

The fliers were welcomed to the departure area with gifts sponsored by Malayalam Manorama, KIAL and Aster MIMS. They were led into the aircraft through the aero-bridge from gate number 6. Many of them seemed excited even at the terminal itself. They applauded and cheered in joy when the plane was flagged off by the chief minister and other eminent personalities.

Some passengers were eager to click selfies from inside the aircraft, while others were seen recording the videos of the celebrations. Meanwhile some had even streamed the celebrations live on Facebook for their friends to watch and enjoy. They returned to their seats when the take off announcement was made. Many of them could see the flagging off ceremony from the plane windows. Everyone waited in excitement when the Air India Express Boeing 737–800 aircraft entered the brand new runway from the taxiway. Finally, the passengers erupted into joyous celebrations when the plane took off, creating history.

From the windows, the beauty of the majestic Kannur International Airport could be seen in all its glory. Hundreds of cars, comfortably parked in the spacious parking bay of the airport, were seen as tiny spots.

When the seat belt sign was off, the passengers continued their celebrations. Tea and snacks were served in the meantime, which made them even more energetic. The enchanting 'oppana' beats filled the airplane, as passengers of all age groups joined to sing some of the evergreen songs like 'Lanki Mariyunnole' and 'Abu Dhabikkaran.'


Someone could be heard commenting that the air plane had become joyous like a house where the wedding festivities were happening. Every passenger, irrespective of their age, has enjoyed this journey so much that it was almost like a pleasure trip, and hardly seemed anything like an air journey where most of them were returning to their work places.

In the midst of all the celebrations, the passengers didn’t realise that they had flown for almost three hours and had already reached their destination. By this time, they had all become close friends and exchanged numbers to form a WhatsApp group. They applauded when the aircraft landed on the runway at the Abu Dhabi airport.

Meanwhile the passengers who were waiting to board the flight back to Kannur too were having a good time at the departure area. Some were seen holding placards and banners thanking CM Ibrahim, the former aviation minister, who took the initiative for the airport project in Kannur.

The officials at the emigration counter were stunned to see huge gift packs in the passengers’ hands. They too were excited to learn about the newly inaugurated airport and even checked out the models of the Kannur airport that some of the passengers showed them. Before getting out of the Abu Dhabi airport, the passengers who made the first flight from Kannur International Airport posed for a group photo. They said goodbye to each other promising to see again in their WhatsApp group.