Kottayam's first flea market sizzles despite drizzles | Video

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Mild showers graced the opening day of Kottayam's first ever flea market, christened Rubber Band, at the CMS College grounds on Saturday.

The enthusiastic crowd at the colourful market was hardly affected by the rain that started two hours into the event.

With more than 400 online registrations and 800 offline, a huge crowd of youngsters and families thronged the flea market's myriad of stalls.


More than 30 local vendors have put up stalls offering clothing lines, artworks, home décor items and much more.

The most boisterous of the visitors thronged the open mic stage, conceptualized to host anyone who wishes to perform.

There were thirty registrations within an hour after the event started to perform on the stage, clearly indicating the preferences of the crowd that flocked to the flea market.


Dancers, singers, and bands kept the liveliness alive till the event wound up for the night.

In a corner, near the entrance, was a group of college youths jamming to classic tunes on their guitar and not failing to make passers-by hum along.

The entertainment does not end at that because visitors can indulge in a game of caroms, jenga, volley ball, or even hula hoop their way around the gaming corner set up at the market.


Even rain couldn't stop a few groups from merry making.

Food stalls also drew visitors in hordes.

The venue started to liven up even more post 7 pm as families poured in.

Dosas and ice-cream rolls were the pick of a majority, though fast food stalls alone did not succeed in grabbing the spotlight.

Home bakers and chefs selling baked goods, desserts, pickles and more had quite a few customers, too.


In fact, one of the home-bakers, The Deli, has put up three fancy cakes for auction on the second day, to raise money for Fani victims in Odisha.

Post sunset, the ambience of the venue literally lit up with string lights all around, setting a sparkly ambience.

The organisers described the atmosphere as 'Poli Vibes' and even put up a sign of the same name.

The event was inaugurated by district sub collector Eesha Priya.

Nearly 400 tickets for the second and last day of the market have already been sold.

The second day promises even more entertainment with singer Sachin Warrier performing live.

The Rubber Band is being hosted by a core group of 15 achievers from diverse walks of life, including media, finance, architecture, photography, automotive, marketing sectors.

The entry fee is Rs 100 and tickets can also be bought online.