'Theevandi' heroine on her love for food

Samyukta Menon, the actress who caught the attention of the Malayali cinema goers, talks about her favourite food. She loves 'puttu' when served with either black chickpeas curry or with beef roast. She is known to us as a lone traveller, now she has surprised us again by revealing that she is a lone cook too.

She likes to cook all alone and eats up everything that she has prepared for herself, though she is conscious that this can lead to weight gain. "Biriyani is my most favourite; and not to say about the thick 'kalan' topped with ghee," she says.

Travel food

Samyuktha recollected her fond memories about a dingy street eatery on the way to Hampi with hardly any seats or a proper washroom. Food there was mostly grilled using charcoal and she was sceptical about the taste. But, to her astonishment, the food was nothing less than extraordinary.

Super chef

"My most loved food stopover these days is Reenu Chechi's and Vini chettan's house." Vini Vishwa Lal is the script writer of 'theevandi.' "She prepared prawns Biriyani for me when I dropped in there for the first time; but she is known for her fish curry and coincidently my favourite dish is mathi curry," she added.