Check out this stall at Kottayam Food Fest 2020 for a Biblical connection

Corinthians stall

It is the variety of combo foods that make I Corinthians: 10:25 an instant hit among the foodies swarming the Roundtable Food Festival at Kottayam. Hotel Ambadi from Thekkady serves unique and delicious dishes as combo packs.

The name of the food stall surely creates curiosity among the people. Open the Bible to I Corinthians 10:25 and you will read, "Eat anything sold in the meat market without raising questions of conscience." A hardcore foodie in you would definitely say 'Amen' to that.

Combo packages of fried rice and noodle dishes are selling in huge numbers at this stall. Various preparations of chicken, beef, fish and pork dishes look incredible and taste amazing. Tiny fish fry, dragon chicken, chicken honey chilli and beef and cheese are some of the popular items here.

There are many takers for the special pork dishes as well. Farm bred pigs that are fed on the food waste from the hotel are used for the pork dishes. Delicious chicken dishes, crispy fish fingers and the classic fried rice with chilli chicken combination too are popular. Fresh pomegranate juice, prepared without adding water, sugar or ice make this stall a must visit for those who are health conscious.