Pizza dosa - give an Italian makeover to your traditional crepes


For all the pizza lovers out there, here is a brilliant mash-up of the south Indian rice dosa and Italian pizza flavourings. Crispy dosa topped with mozzarella cheese and Italian seasoning is just a dream come true for all foodies. The method of preparation is so easy that even a child can make it. Satiate your pizza cravings with a bite of these mini dosa pizzas at home itself. Change the toppings and experiment with the dish.


1 cup Double Horse dosa mix

1 ½ cups of water

Salt to taste

2 tsp Pizza sauce/ tomato ketchup


Diced onion

Chopped tomatoes

Chopped bell pepper

1 1/2 tbsp grated mozzarella cheese


Add water to the Double Horse Dosa mix

Mix it well using a blender

Keep aside this batter for 10-12 hours
Add salt to the batter and mix well

Heat a tawa

Pour a ladle full of batter to the tawa and spread evenly to make a round dosa

When the batter start to get firm, spread the pizza sauce on top of it

Add the toppings followed by grated cheese

Cover with a lid and allow it to cook till the cheese melts

Serve hot