Need healthy and glowing skin? Include these in your diet

Drinking a lot of water can keep body and skin hydrated and healthy.

Who on earth doesn’t like glowing and youthful skin that makes you look a few years younger than your actual age? However, it is important to follow a healthy and well balanced diet to achieve that flawless skin. Besides, you should drink a lot of water to keep your body and skin hydrated and healthy.

Here are 5 food items that could give your skin youthful radiance.


Including gooseberries in your daily diet helps flush out toxins from your body. Gooseberries are loaded with vitamin C and minerals that make your skin glow.


Having 1 -2 cups of yoghurt a day helps the growth of healthy bacteria and supplies the body with probiotics. Yoghurt promotes collagen production, which repair the skill cells and make them beautiful and healthy.


Oranges are storehouses of vitamin C which increases the collagen production. This prevents wrinkles and helps maintain a youthful skin. You could get about 116.2% of vitamin C that is required in a day from oranges.


Fishes like mackerel and salmon are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids. This prevents the skin from drying and having rashes. Those who do not eat fish could instead include walnuts in their diet.


Including wheat in your daily diet could prevent the deficiency of the B vitamin or biotin. The deficiency of biotin may cause dry skin. Besides, wheat contains zinc as well which keeps away acne.