Prevent depression, boost concentration with walnuts

All dry fruits are good for health and among them, walnut has some special qualities. A new study has revealed that walnut helps keep depression away and increases concentration.

The study, conducted by researchers at Los Angeles and California Universities in the US, found that there was 26 % less chance for people eating walnut to suffer from depression than those who do not eat nuts. Meanwhile, the figure was 8 % for people preferring other nuts.

According to the findings of the study, published in the journal ‘Nutrients’, walnut increases the energy level and boosts concentration.

Statistics with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention say that every sixth person faces depression at least once in a lifetime. Researchers aver that its intensity can be reduced by making alterations in the food intake. Studies have proved that walnut can improve the health of the heart and boost mental faculties.

Findings of the survey conducted by National Health and Nutrition Examination were utilized for the study regarding walnut and as many as 26,000 US citizens were involved.

Other conclusions of the study were: People who love walnut have an optimistic attitude to life, engage in activities with enthusiasm, have high levels of concentration and do not suffer from depression. These people ate an average of 24 g walnuts a day.

When compared to other nuts, it was found that walnut had almost all poly unsaturated fats. Among which, the level of omega 3 alpha linolenic acid was much higher than other nuts, at 2.5 g in 28 g.