Include egg in children’s diet for these benefits

Egg could be served as poached egg, omelette or boiled egg.

Mothers often complain that their children do not have enough breakfast while rushing to school. For such women, doctors suggest preparing eggs for their kids every alternate day. Egg could be served as poached egg, omelette or boiled egg. The old local method of partially cooking the egg can also be resorted to. Another preparation is by beating the egg, mixing grated carrot, beetroot, capsicum and tomato, followed by making a version of pizza in a microwave oven.

Eggs are a vital food that enables the growth of children and should never be avoided from their diet. The advantages of egg include:

• Egg is a storehouse of proteins. An egg taken with breakfast supplies energy for an entire day.

• As it contains plenty of calcium, egg is beneficial for the growth of bones and teeth.

• Egg also increases the immunity of children as it is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin B12.

• Egg can solve issues related to menstruation in girl children and fatigue.

• For boys who are engaged in excessive physical activities like sports and games, egg provides additional strength.

• Another advantage of having egg is that it strengthens the muscles. It enables smooth functioning of the brain and sharpens intelligence too.