Scary dreams troubling you? Could be symptoms of these diseases

Usually, the muscles in the body wouldn’t be able to move when one is in a state of dreaming.

Are you someone who regularly see scary dreams that make you scream or kick during sleep? The medical science calls it the REMBD (Rem Behavior Disorder) which is a fitting symptom of sleeping disorder. It is in the REM or the Rapid Eye Movement stage of the sleep when a person dreams.

This happens mostly during the wee hours. Hence, the person is likely to ‘act out’ his/her dream during this time, and react by screaming out or by kicking or thrashing. Usually, the muscles in the body wouldn’t be able to move when we are in a state of dreaming. However, those who are suffering from the REMBD wouldn’t experience such temporary paralysis of muscles, arms or legs. It is common that the family members of the person mistake it for recurring nightmares, mental disorder or depression.

Doctors, meanwhile, warn that these symptoms along with partial memory loss could be the beginning of Parkinson’s or LED (Lewy Body Dimentia) as well. It is mostly seen in elderly people who suddenly experiences extreme fatigue and memory loss. It is important to consult a neurologist and also a psychiatrist if the person exhibits signs of depression, as soon as possible.

Medical experts say that it would be foolish to dismiss these behaviors as a result of mere nightmares. These problems are created by disruptions in the neural network in the brain or fluctuations in its chemical processes.