Is it safe to clean your itchy ears? Know what experts say

Tiny hair cells inside the ear provide protection against bacteria and small insects.

Cotton swabs are the most common objects used to clean dirt and wax from inside the ears. However, medical experts say that using ear swabs are not the safest method to clean the ears. They explain that the physiological structure of the ear helps protect the organ from infections and accumulation of dirt.

Though we clean our body regularly, there are millions of bacteria in the surrounding atmosphere. Some of them are even carriers of diseases as well. There are specific methods to clean each body part without exerting too much pressure. The ear wax protects the ear canal, and cleans and lubricates it. The tiny hair cells provide protection against bacteria and small insects. Infections inside the ear may spread to the brain and cause a serious condition called meningitis.

Doctors warn that cleaning the ear canals using water is quite dangerous. Even if an ENT practitioner cleans the ear canal, he/she would be doing it gently using a syringe. Cold water is never used to clean the ears. One by tenth of the body heat is lost through the ears.

In the olden days, a special object called ‘chevi thodi’ was used to clean the ears. This brass pick was usually tied along with the bunch of keys or on the long tresses of women. However, now, everyone has realized how dangerous it is to use such an object inside the ears. The ear wax is mostly seen in old people. It would disappear on its own. Cleaning the ear and clearing the wax by inserting, match stick, safety pin, fingers or even cotton swabs is both unnecessary and unhealthy.