No salary for late-comers, biometric attendance at all Kerala govt offices soon

Biometric attendance must in Secretariat from Jan 1

Kollam: The process of implementing the biometric punching system at all government offices in Kerala is in its final phase.

A grace time of maximum five hours (300 minutes) would be allowed in a month. Maximum of 60 minutes is allowed in a day. If the employee comes after that or leaves early, it would be considered as unauthorised leave. And salary would be cut accordingly.

The General Administration Department has issued a notification on the guidelines of the punching system that would be implemented at all offices where the salary is disbursed through the SPARK software.

Other pointers

• Punching machines are installed via Keltron and would be operated by the Revenue Department. Major offices such as civil station would be considered as a single unit. Ordinary leave applications have to be made via SPARK.

• With the implementation of the biometric punching, late permission-early exit system would be done away with. Attendance would be marked only if punching is recorded on arrival and on exit.

• Those who clock in 10 hours or more of over-time in a month would be given compensatory off. Seven working hours would be mandatory in a day.

• Salary bill would be prepared based on the attendance from the 16th of last month to the 15th of current month.

• Daily-wage, temporary and contract workers do not have to punch. The attendance register has not been withdrawn. Special notification would be issued later.