Why some IT employees have to go to office amid lockdown

Why some IT employees have to go to office amid lockdown

Kochi: The IT parks in Kerala have been shut down in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Almost all employees of the InfoPark at Kakkanad in Kochi, Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram, and cyberpark in Kozhikode have been given the work from home option.

However, some of the employees, who have to compulsorily reach offices for the companies to continue to function, are finding it difficult to do so amid strict travel restrictions following the lockdown.

The companies cannot function without the professionals in sever-system-power maintenance and fire safety, among others.

The IT sector does not fall under the ambit of essential services. But the IT companies provide the back-end support for essential services such as banks and hospitals. Therefore, the IT companies have to function.

NASSCOM intervenes

Meanwhile, clear guidelines on the functioning of IT companies during the lockdown are likely to be released soon.

IT industry apex body NASSCOM is preparing the list of employees, who have to compulsorily go to office from each company. This list would be handed over to the state IT department.

After this, the employees are likely to be given the required travel documents.

About 55,000 professionals work at the Kochi IT hub, which includes InfoPark and SmartCity. About 50,000 professionals work at the 427 companies, which are functioning out of the IT campuses of InfoPark at Kakkanad, Koratty, and Cherthala.

There are 250 companies functioning out of the Kakkanad campus. Currently only about 200 employees come to office. The others are all working from home.

Thirty-five companies function at the SmartCity.