Fortnightly predictions (December 1-15)

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Medam rasi (Aries)

(Birthday from March 22 – April 20)

You are likely to complete almost all tasks taken up during the first half of December. Even though you may not be able to achieve big success, things would be generally favourable.

Education: A sort of dullness may be displayed towards academic matters during the current fortnight and you are unlikely to score excellent marks in examinations. However, you will not fail in any competition.

Work: The situation favours professional activities and you may receive more support than expected from colleagues. In case you are exploring new opportunities, success in an interview is almost certain.

Love: Matters of the heart would proceed smoothly during the ongoing fortnight! Some friends may not be supportive, but your romantic relationship is unlikely to be affected.

Edavam rasi (Taurus)

(Birthday from April 21-May 21)

The position of the heavenly bodies indicates that you may experience a mixed fate this fortnight. Still, you are unlikely to face any major crisis.

Education: This is an extremely suitable time to focus on studies! You would be able to secure very good marks in exams, but it could evoke jealousy in classmates.

Work: Professional targets could be achieved during the ongoing fortnight. While temporary staff can expect a confirmation of their job, all employees under this zodiac sign may receive the approval and praise of their superiors.

Love: Sweet romantic experiences await you this fortnight! Some jealous people may attempt to wreck your relationship, but they would be disappointed.

Midhunam rasi (Gemini)

(Birthday from May 22 – June 21)

Your confidence would receive a boost while dealing with professional as well as domestic situations. In fact, you can expect success in all activities till mid-December.

Education: Good results await you in studies. Even though interest in academic matters could be slightly dull during the first few days of December, it would pick up by the middle of the month.

Work: Both positive as well as negative events may have to be tackled on the work front. But things would mostly be in your favour. You may be involved in a minor dispute over some trivial issue, but everything will be settled soon. Moreover, you would be able to complete all new responsibilities beyond expectations.

Love: You can keep worries aside! Your partner would be more caring and cooperative over this fortnight.

Karkidakam rasi (Cancer)

(Birthday June 22 – July 23)

You may be able to complete all tasks in a satisfactory manner during this fortnight. Moreover, peace of mind could be ensured.

Education: Certain disinterest could be displayed towards studies on some days as the Sun is placed in an adverse position. You may suffer from a slight headache too. However, your academic career is unlikely to be harmed.

Work: You may feel that the work atmosphere is improving as the fortnight progresses. In fact, you can expect more professional gains in the first half of December than the second half of November. Moreover, praise and approval of the superiors could be obtained and colleagues would be more supportive than usual.

Love: This is a great time for romance! However, be sincere and open with your partner to overcome suspicions and misunderstandings so that peace of mind could be restored.

Chingam rasi (Leo)

(Birthday July 24 – August 23)

A positive fortnight awaits you! There would be success in professional as well as personal ventures and you may feel more confident while dealing with work-related matters. Moreover, you are likely to complete all tasks.

Education: You would perform beyond expectations in studies and improve your status among classmates. Similarly, good performance could be expected in competitive examinations.

Work: A mixed fortune awaits you during the current fortnight. Even though you would be able to tackle issues with confidence thanks to the positive influence of Sun, you may struggle to stick to deadlines. However, you are unlikely to earn the displeasure of superiors.

Love: This is the ideal period to pursue matters of the heart! While your partner would be more loving and caring, friends may extend unexpected support.

Kanni rasi (Virgo)

(Birthday August 24 – September 23)

The first fortnight of December would be more beneficial than the second fortnight of November and you may overcome all financial difficulties.

Education: This is a good time to focus on studies! In case you are planning to join a new course, the procedures could be completed during this fortnight. You would also be able to face exams with confidence and score better marks than expected.

Work: No crisis is likely to crop up related to your field of activity and you can complete all tasks in an excellent manner. You may also receive a message regarding a new appointment.

Love: A mixed fortune awaits you in romance as your partner may not be very cooperative on some days. However, your friends would be supportive. All in all, your romantic relationship would continue without hiccups.

Thulam rasi (Libra)

(Birthday September 24 – October 23)

A favourable fortnight could be expected and you would be able to succeed in all activities overcoming several hurdles!

Education: You are likely to display more enthusiasm for studies and score better marks than usual in exams. As a result, your stature among classmates would improve.

Work: Even though some problems may emerge during the first few days of December, you will succeed in solving them later. You may also be able to meet all professional targets.

Love: Overall, this is a great period for romance! Your partner would shower love and affection on you. Meanwhile, some jealous persons could attempt to interfere in your relationship but their efforts would be in vain.

Vrischikam rasi (Scorpio)

(Birthday October 24- November 22)

Events during the fortnight would be overall satisfactory. On some days, the results of your efforts may not meet your expectations. However, no major crisis is likely to crop up.

Education: Interest in studies may dip in significantly on certain days and a mild headache too could be experienced. But, academic matters would take off again after December 10.

Work: Professional activities are likely to proceed smoothly till mid-December. Even though some colleagues might pick up a quarrel with you, peace could be maintained by controlling your mind.

Love: Romantic matters could experience some turbulence sometimes as your partner might display a lack of interest. However, your relationship is unlikely to be affected.

Dhanu rasi (Sagittarius)

(Birthday November 23 – December 22)

The planets would be benevolent and you might get some relief from a financial crisis.

Education: You may be able to concentrate better on studies and perform well in exams.

Work: A mixed fortune could be expected in professional activities and on some days, you are likely to feel totally indifferent to work. Meanwhile, you may be selected for a new job.

Love: Good progress could be expected in matters of the heart! Your partner would display more affection, overcoming suspicions and misunderstandings. Friends and colleagues too would be helpful.

Makaram rasi (Capricorn)

(Birthday December 23 – January 20)

You would succeed in completing most tasks during the ongoing fortnight.

Education: Academic activities could be pursued in a better manner during this fortnight than the previous one. If there are plans to join a new course, you would be able to complete the procedures now. Meanwhile, classmates may be more cooperative than usual.

Work: Professional goals could be pursued without trouble and you would earn the praise of superiors.

Love: Sweet experiences await you till mid-December as your partner would display affection through word and deed. Any misunderstanding or suspicion could be solved through a frank discussion.

Kumbham rasi (Aquarius)

(Birthday January 21 – February 19)

Official as well as domestic responsibilities could be fulfilled without problems during this fortnight. You would also succeed in completing all tasks.

Education: This is the ideal period to join a new course! You can face exams confidently. Meanwhile, results of a test you attempted earlier would be announced and you can expect good marks.

Work: The situation favours professional activity. You can earn a promotion or secure a transfer to a convenient place. Moreover, your good efforts would be recognized by superiors.

Love: Being a fine fortnight to engage in romantic activities, you can look forward to good support from your partner. Your friends too will be helpful and with their aid you can foil the plots of your rivals.

Meenam rasi (Pisces)

(Birthday February 20 – March 21)

The situation during the first half of December would certainly be better than the second half of November. You would, in fact, be able to tackle issues confidently.

Education: A mixed fortune awaits you in academic matters. Even though a lack of interest might be felt towards studies on certain days, you would be able to clear all exams.

Work: Your efforts would yield good results! Moreover, superiors could be supportive and encouraging. Some rumours and gossip might circulate about you but they are unlikely to affect your work.

Love: All hurdles in romance could be overcome successfully. You would also succeed in erasing the suspicions and misunderstandings of your partner to some extent. Meanwhile, you can make some new friends.

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