Flamboyance at its regal best in this luxurious abode in Harippad

Free flowing interiors and marvelous exteriors make this house a spectacle.

Geevarghese Thomas’ brand new house at Haripad in Alappuzha district has become the talk of the town for its unique designs that are truly astounding. The house fits perfety in the 20 cents rectangular plot. There is a sacred mangrove in the nearby plot. So, all these factors were considered while designing the house. Moreover, the spaces are arranged by strictly following the rules of the vastusastra.

The sloped roof is paved with shingles. The brick wall that begins in the garden and runs to the roof is the highlight of the exteriors. Both sides of this brick wall have been separated into private and public spaces.


A concrete fish tank in the shape of an traditional vessel (uruli) has been arranged in the space between the sit-out and the car porch. The arched pillars in the porch add a regal charm to this area. These lead to the beautiful garden that is part of the aesthetically designed landscape. Hard rocks are paved on the front yard which allows rain water to seep into the earth. Beautiful flowering plants and huge shading trees fill the garden with pleasant greenery.


This mesmerizing haven, designed in 3250 sqft, has a sit-out, formal and family living areas, dining space, courtyard, four bedrooms, kitchen and a balcony. Interestingly, the interiors sport free flowing designs that are extremely charming. Granite is paved on the floor in the common areas. Meanwhile, wooden flooring is done in the courtyard, master bedroom and the prayer area as well.


The courtyard is the highlight of the interiors. Grille and glass are installed on the ceiling for additional safety. Terracotta tiles are paved on the floor here. An indoor tree, that is pruned artistically, adds a hint of greenery in the interiors. Though it looks natural, the tree actually is made of plastic.


The position of the courtyard is determined as per the vastu rules. It is arranged in the south – east side which effectively blocks the harsh sun rays from the north direction. This prevents the interiors from heating up due to the sunrays. In the meantime, the pleasant sunshine illuminates the interiors as well. Lots of air vents and walls highlighted with exposed brick claddings could be seen inside the house. These ensure excellent air ventilation, making the interiors feel extremely comfortable.


The living areas, dining space and a bedroom are arranged in a way which allows excellent views of the courtyard from these spaces. The semi-circular couch in the living area is quite eye-catching. A TV unit has been installed here.


The dining table which is designed following the bench concept is just opposite to the courtyard.

The kitchen, meanwhile, is arranged in the rustic minimal theme. The cabinets are done in the mica finish. The counter top is paved with grey granite. An adjacent work area completes the kitchen area.


There are two bedrooms each in both the floors. All the bedrooms are bath-attached. Besides, there is a utility room as well on the upper floor.

Those who see the house from outside are quite intrigued by its unique designs and are often curious to see the interior features as well. The family says that their guests congratulate them for building such a beautiful house with interesting features and modern facilities.


Project Facts

Location – Harippad, Alappuzha

Plot – 20 cents

Area – 3250 SFT

Owner – Geevarghese Thomas

Design – Ssquared Architects, Thiruvananthapuram

Ph - 9746740722