F1 launches #WeRaceAsOne initiative to tackle racism

The 2020 Formula One season will begin in Austria next month. File photo

Colorado: Formula One (F1) has launched an initiative to tackle the growing concerns related to racism worldwide and also help the racing community in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.

The #WeRaceAsOne initiative is also to support the increasing diversity in F1 and it was also announced that a task force will be set up to tackle racism related issues in the sport.

"During the race weekend in Austria, teams and F1 partners will be saying thank you to key workers and individuals by displaying rainbows on cars and around the circuit," the statement in formula1.com read.

"There will also be visual displays of support in the fight against racism, with F1 set to announce later this week clear pledges to increase diversity and opportunity in the sport, and the setting up of a Formula 1 Task Force."

F1 had earlier confirmed that the 2020 season will begin in Austria next month and also revealed details on the first eight races of the revamped calendar in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

Lewis Hamilton
Defending champion Lewis Hamilton. File photo

"Our first race in Austria at the start of July is a big moment for our sport after nearly four months of no racing," F1 CEO Chase Carey said.

"While it is an important moment for the Formula 1 community it is also a time to recognise the issues that are bigger than any one sport or country.

"The #WeRaceAsOne initiative we have launched today, in support of the #PurposeDriven Movement launched by the FIA last week, is our way of saying thank you to the bravery and unity everyone around the world has shown during this unprecedented time.

"It will also be a platform for Formula 1 to come together and achieve results against the most important issues facing us as a sport and the world. That is why at our first race in Austria Formula 1 will stand united to say loud and clear that racism must end," he added.