A journey through the Indian villages

A journey through the Indian villages

Every Indian village will have its own charm, specialities and wisdom. Villages are quite different from cities in terms of lifestyle and the environment. The village life leaves one with deeper experiences.

To know India, the journey should be to its interior, not to the cities. There are many beautiful villages in India, some of them among the cleanest. Every village will have stories to tell and cultures to share. There will be a lot to learn from the mindset of the villagers and the ways of their life. Such places should be visited at least once in a lifetime.


A journey through the Indian villages

This is a beautiful village in the eastern mountain ranges of Meghalaya. It is considered one of the cleanest villages in Asia since 2003. This village is about 93km from Shillong. Rich in vegetation, this village of lush greenery is earnestly preserved and protected by the law and hence, it has largely remained intact. There are 95 households in Mawlynnong. Dustbins made of bamboo are kept at different locations. The waste and garbage are collected in these and made into manure for agriculture. The village is in the forefront of literacy too. The literacy rate is 100%. The villagers are well-versed in English also. Umroi in Shillong is the nearest airport. Taxi service is available from here to Mawlynnong.


A journey through the Indian villages

Not many know about the astounding rock formation at Yana in Karnataka. The Yana rocks seemingly tear into the sky and that is the beauty of the place. Well-hidden by the Sahyadri ranges, Yana has remained largely unpolluted by alien influences. Those who are interested in trekking can come here. The limestone rocks here are believed to be having the presence of the Shiva-Parvati pair and hence a lot of pilgrims also visit the place. Dabolim of Goa is the nearest airport. Taxis and local buses ply between Dabolim and Yana.


A journey through the Indian villages

Majuli is the largest river-island in the world. This village thus has found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Majuli is in the Brahmaputra River. Travellers are mostly attracted by the ecology. If a village has to find a spot in the tourism maps, the villagers too should aspire to make it.

The villagers of Majuli are loving and well-behaved. Their culture and hospitality deserve a closer look. A Majuli visit is ideally undertaken during the festival season when the visual appeal is enhanced. The Assam tea festival is one of the important festivals here.

Jorhat, which is about 20kms from Majuli is the nearest airport.


A journey through the Indian villages

Idukki, which can boast of natural beauty typical of Kerala is a popular destination visited by a large number of tourists. There are many attractions here which include wildlife, mountain ranges, the presence of the ‘Neelakkurinji’ flowers which blossom once in 12 years, the beauty of the misty hills and the pervasive chill, forests, rivulets and to top it all, accommodation facilities for all budget types.

There are many attractive spots within Idukki. These locations are strewn around in the district. Munnar is certainly the chief attraction. Idukki is 97km away from the Kochi airport.


A journey through the Indian villages

Matheran is a small village in Maharashtra. Matheran is situated at a height of 800meters above sea level. The Hills, mountain ranges and rivulets of Matheran are sure to captivate the hearts of the tourists. The invigorating weather is an added bonus. One speciality of Matheran is that the vehicles are not permitted here. So, the place is free of blares of automobiles and the polluted air they bring along.

Matheran can be reached from Pune or Mumbai by train. From Matheran to Neral toy trains ply every two hours.


Agatti is a coral reef of Lakshadweep surrounded by pristine ocean. Scuba-diving, snorkelling, sailing, glass-bottom boat tour are the main aquatic adventure and leisure activities on offer. The stay here will bring us close to the sea and the culture and lifestyles of those living by it. To enjoy Agatti, the best way is to move around the village in a rented bike.

Agatti is 494km from Kochi airport. Agatti can be reached from Kochi port by ship or from airport by Air India flight.


A journey through the Indian villages

Nako is a village full of mountain ranges on the Tibetan border. The people here have a high-altitude lifestyle. Nako can be a good tourist destination for those who seek variety in their travels. There is an ancient monastery comprising of four temples managed by Buddhist Lamas. The walls of the monastery are adorned by murals and frescos. During winter, ice-skating is popular and during summer, boat-rides are available.

Bhuntar is the nearest airport to Nako. It is more than 5 hours of drive from the airport. Taxi services are available.


Music lovers surely must have heard about the Ziro music festival in Arunachal Pradesh. This music festival is conducted by the Apatani tribe. The Ziro Village also presents its pristine ecology along with the music. A place which has engraved its name among the UNESCO World Heritage sites, Ziro is a paradise situated about 115km away from the state capital Itanagar and is clear of the city crowd. The greenery of the village surrounded by bamboos and pine trees and the landscape filled with mountains attract the tourists. But Ziro welcomes only those who do not hurt the nature.

The nearest airport is at Guwahati. Naharlagun is the nearest railway station.


Khonoma is a village just 20km away from Kohima, the capital of Nagaland. Khonoma is the first 'Green Village' in India. This 700-year-old village with its 3000 odd inhabitants retains the cultures and traditions of yore. The lush greenery, hills, valleys and the farmlands of the plains are the major attractions. There is a wildlife sanctuary here. Hunting is prohibited.

Dimapur is the nearest airport. Kohima can be reached by road. The distance is about 40km. Khonoma is 20 km from Kohima.