Tea-selling Kerala couple longs to hit the road again

tea seller couple

Globe-trotting couple Vijayan and Mohana, who sells tea to fund their world travel, had hogged the limelight both in mainstream media and on social media for visiting 25 countries in 12 years. And to get a feel of the couple's love for travelling, just step into their nondescript tea shop, Sree Balaji Coffee House in Ernakulam. The walls of the shop are replete with pictures of the countries the duo visited in the last 12 years.

Apart from these beautiful snaps, the teashop also sports various maps, globes, and charts with time zones of different countries. The couple realised their dream to travel the world by selling tea.

But Vijayan and Mohana, who are in their sixties, are a bit downcast as they had to shelve their travel plans due to the travel restrictions put in place in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. The spread of coronavirus has put brakes on the duo's foreign tours.

"The next dream travel is to Russia. But the prevailing situation has poured cold water on our plans. We will restart travelling only when we get the confidence that the world has overcome the current crisis," says Vijayan.

Singapore, Switzerland, and New York in the US are the destinations that knocked them off their feet. The countries remaining on the couple's bucket list are Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, and Greenland.

The pictures of the couple visiting various countries are an inspiration to any person who dreams of travelling.